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Situated in northeast Madagascar, the Masoala Peninsula contains the largest and wildest track of rainforest remaining on the island, and the largest number of species, including the rare red ruffed lemur. It is one of the countrys top conservation priorities, and preservation of the incredibly high diversity of plant and animal life here has been helped by the creation of the Masoala National Park.
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Liens externes modifier modifier le code. fr Parc National de Masoala. en Masoala National Park, Wildlife Conservation Society. en Fiche du parc sur le site UNEP-WCMC. fr Communiqué alertant sur le trafic de bois dans le parac, par l'ONG' France nature environnement 2009.
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The Madagascar serpent-eagle was recently rediscovered here, and exists in healthy populations only in this part of north east Madagascar. Three marine parks are included in the Masoala National Park: Tampolo in the West, Ambodilaitry in the South, and Ifaho in the East.
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Parc National Terrestre classé Site Patrimoine Mondial, forêt dense humide de moyenne altitude 0-800 m, forêt littorale orientale; habitats des Maki vari roux endémique locale, des palmiers très rares et endémique de la région, des Nepenthes masoalensis, plantes carnivores endémiques de Masoala.
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highlights and main attractions of masoala national park. Known for its incredible array of biodiversity, the Masoala National Park and its offshore island reserve of Nosy Mangabe represent the largest of Madagascars protected land areas and some of its least visited.
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Masoala National Park. Encompassing 2300, square kilometres of rainforest and 100 square kilometres of marine parks, Masoala is Madagascar s largest protected area. The park was established in 1997 to preserve this unique ecosystem comprising coastal rainforest, flooded forests, marsh and mangroves from the serious threatens by encroachment from the local communities that depend on the area for agricultural land and firewood, and from international logging companies seeking to harvest timber.
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The Masoala National Park combined with the Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve within the bay is the largest nature protected area in Madagascar. Masoala can be translated to the eye of the forest maso meaning eye and ala meaning forest in Malagasy.
Masoala Nosy Mangabe Masoala pictures Journal Parks index. The Masoala Peninsula as become one of Madagascar's' top conservation priorities for its extensive rainforest by Madagascar standards and high biodiversity of plant and animal life. In the late 1990s, the 410000ha, Masoala National Park was created.

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